Precepts are a way to crunchify the ideals and outlook of organisations under this system. An Organisation can have at most two Precepts. Branches of Organisations in different regions normally share Precepts. Precepts provide Boosts. These Boosts should be used in the turn they come up.

  • Altruistic: Gain a Boost once per turn, when you gift Money or an Asset tap to another Organisation.
  • Dogmatic: Gain a Boost on the next turn, if you have one untapped Authority Asset at the end of turn. The Asset must have been usuable.
  • Hateful: Choose another Organisation or a certain kind of Organisation as your enemy. Gain a Boost each turn to hit them with Raids and Sabotage.
  • Honorable: Gain a Boost, when they openly declare you are going to attack another Organisation.
  • Innovative: Gain a non-Research Boost, if you you used Prototypes at least three times last turn.
  • Liberal: Gain a Boost each turn to Calm Riots. Never use Intelligence or Military to do so.
  • Luxurious: Gain a Boost next turn, if you have unused Infrastructure at the end of turn.
  • Mercantile: Gain a non-Economy Boost each turn, if you have the most Economy in a region. There must be at least one other Organisation there.
  • Migratory: Gain a Boost each time when a Pop in a region where one of your Pops just arrived.
  • Peaceful: Gain a Boost each turn, if you do not have Military.
  • Rooted: Gain a Boost each turn, if you do not grow beyond your home region.
  • Vengeful: Gain a Boost to retaliate, whenever another organisation messes with you.